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Photo booths have become an every-growing part of events, weddings, parties and conferences, offering guests and hosts the chance to come away with fun, instantly shareable, personal souvenirs.

With our open air Happybooth, you can easily fit a group of friends or family into images and not be confined to small a small space. So come on everyone, strike a pose.

How does it work?

Happybooth brings the studio to you! In a refreshing departure from traditional or formal event photography we create an onsite, pop-up photo studio where your guests are the star attraction. After striking a pose guests walk away with not just a fun and lasting memory but also a high quality photo print!

Why use Happybooth?

Providing amazing photos is just half of the Happybooth equation. We're passionate about providing a fun and engaging experience that will generate excitement, buzz and seamlessly enrich the experience of your celebration. Hire a photographer to get photos, hire Happybooth to give happiness :)

What's included?

Every session includes studio lights, camera, backdrop, professional and happy :) photographer, dye-sub color photo printer (no ink!) and UNLIMITED photo prints.

What types of events?

Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries, Grand Openings. Any event in need of some extra happiness :)

Do you operate outside of Chennai?

Absolutely! We are happy to bring Happybooth to wherever you are. Travel requires a daily travel fee, and all transportation and boarding expenses covered.

Do you offer custom packages?

Yep. Have a multiple day event? Have some custom ideas brewing? Shoot us an email and lets see what's possible! hello@happybooth.in

+91 98408 35304  |  hello@happybooth.in  |  Chennai, India 

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