The Luxury Expo - 9 October - Happybooth by Shannon Zirkle

The Luxury Expo - 9 October

HappyBooth’s introduction to Chennai with the Wedding Vows’ Luxury Expo.

The Luxury Expo was a fun event where HappyBooth was one of many luxury services who were invited to introduce themselves to the people of Chennai. The expo was at the ITC Grand Chola Hotel in Guindy.

Everyone was invited to try the photobooth experience, including people who work there, organisers and the fabulous guests. Many guests were fascinated with the concept of getting the prints immediately as soon as they took the photo. The best part about this event was, all the photos were uploaded instantly on the Wedding Vows page on Facebook as the guests took photos and they got to email their photos to get the digital prints immediately.

We had shy guests who were hesitant at the beginning but came back again later to try few more poses. HappyBooth was welcomed to the city through this expo and the team is more than glad to have met wonderful people and made friends as well.

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